Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Administrator to Animated Movie Critic

Today as I got home, I morphed. It is something tht happens the very moment I step through the front door. As I drive from the elementary school where I am the principal, I consciously shift to prepare myself for the rest of my day. This time of year the students have already begun sleeping in, swimming and slumber parties while the rest of the school staff closes up the final details of the year while simultaneously preparing for the upcoming fall.  Trust me, there is a lot to do. But it's eerie, quiet. No students at a school just isn't right.  So anxious to see my own, I hurry home.

Now, with the cable on the fritz, we are limited to our DVD player and PS3. Not being much of a gamer, the movies begin to roll. I an educator I am obliged to say, "Not too much TV".  But also being a media fine arts major in college (another much older hat), I often relax with cinema. And being that we have kiddos (one a new teenager and one just beginning the school journey), we have a plethora of animated movies.

Tonight it is a disney flick. As much as I try to keep busy, I get sucked in. Not only to the playful story line but I am to this day amazed at the computer graphics. Love them!! Bright, bold and fun!

Now the heros have won and my time wearing my movie critic hat is drawing to a close as we prepare to wind up our day.  Deep's just me. No other hats at this moment, just me, hanging out with my family, and sitting with my thoughts. And you...thanks for reading!

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