Friday, June 18, 2010


Today-I keep my house. That's what a housekeeper is, right? Keeper of the house? says- "a person, often hired, who does or directs the domestic work and planning necessary for a home, as cleaning or buying food." Not hired, but still responsible for all the rest. :0) 

And I have to tell you, I HATE CLEANING! I am a pile-er. I make piles, to get to later. So inevitably I begin to start stepping over the piles as I go about my day. Hubby hates it. He is a natural born cleaner. I know how to clean well, I just prefer to do something else. But I love how the house feels when everything is in its place.  Somebody has to make that happen, so I begrudgingly do the deed. Clean the house. Grumpily usually. 'Cause I'd rather be doing something else.  But it has to be done. Need to adjust my thinking. I AM the keeper of the house. This house.

Our pastor made a great statement about being content and wanting what you have, instead of asking God for something else. We have been in our home for 8 1/2 years, but during that time Andy and I have often thought of moving. Why? Not being content? Wanting the next best thing? We have struggled with this for years. But this spring, we committed to this house by sprucing the place up a bit. New flooring and we redid our fireplace. Got a couple new pieces of furniture. Couple of new rugs. Place looks nice, has a little more style, feels cozy and we feel more content. And we feel more settled...after 8 1/2 years. :0)

I think investing our time and money into our homes gives us that sense of ownership, that pride of owning.  I did a bible study a few years ago "Seven Life Principles for Every Woman" by Sharon Jaynes and Lysa Terkeurst with a group of family and friends.  There was a whole principle dedicated to hospitality and organization.  Time to revisit that study. But what I remember most was that it is one of duties as Christian women to keep our house-clean, orderly, hospitable.  You know people with these homes. You walk in and it's like "Aww, so nice here." I want that for my home...always. 

So today, I keep my home. I will praise God for the blessings in my life and for his great goodness as I do the laundry, make the beds, do the dishes, pick up toys, scrub toilets and wait for the bug guy to come spray for summer cockroaches (ewwww). 

I pledge to keep my house, to be content, and make it a hospitable home for all who enter. 

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

What does your day hold for you?

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