Monday, September 3, 2012

Pinterest Chef

So with my love of Pinterest, or obsession as my hubby would call it, I am determined to try new recipes this school year. As I progress, I will be posting pictures, progress and family reviews (the most reliable critics!!) I  tried two new ones a week over summer break, most were winners :-) Some really stunk!

I was inspired after watching Julie and Julia. Food, trial and error, dining parties, mmm. I know what I like but would like to better understanding what flavors work well together and how to experiment safely, without having to attend the Cordon Bleu!

Got one we need to try? Have tips and tricks to help? Feel free to post one or email me:

The goal is one new meal a week, key word is goal. Remember...busy moms =many tasks.

Once I can make that a habit, we'll see where it takes us. Here's to happy eats! Moms with many hats...hats off to you!!
My next one is a chef's hat! :-)

Phil 4:13

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