Monday, May 30, 2016


It doesn't come easy to many, but should be found by all. Someone recently told me I was "too positive" and that it annoyed them. My response was that was their issue, not mine. Their perception of the day, not mine. There is a deliberate attempt on my part to find joy throughout the day. Joy in my children, my husband, my furry-babies, my family. Joy in my work with students, parents and staff. Joy in music. Joy in color. Joy in cooking. Joy with friends. Joy in fashion. Joy, ecstatic joy, that we have eternal life through grace given by our creator. 

There are so many small moments in each day that make me smile. Watching my children enjoy each other's company (most of the time). Listening to them share with their dad their thoughts and ideas of the day. Finding humorous tidbits on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat. Not huge moments, but so many little ones that they can bring me to laughing tears.

We all struggle with the daily grind. Life is busy and complicated. We struggle with finances, relationships, making time for priorities. Many of us struggle with depression, anxiety, fatigue, guilt. How we cope and respond is who we are, not the things we have. 

I choose happiness. I choose joy. I choose cheerfulness.

Reaching a stage in life over 40, I worry less about what others think of me. What their perceptions of situations are. I seek truth, understanding and wisdom. I pray fervently for the Lord's guidance and voice in my daily thoughts and interactions. 

I pray for His words, His strength, His compassion, His fearlessness, His peace. 

Worry is exhausting. Worry is bad for your health. Worry is wasteful. Concern causes action. Worry causes anxiety. Find the peace of God. Peace can bring cheerfulness. I am not a trained psychologist, just a daughter of the King, speaking from learning and experience.

I pray you find joy today. 
In the small moments. 
In the quiet moments. 
Be cheerful. 
Be blessed. 

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