Thursday, June 2, 2016

Blessed - Family Ties

Life is precious. This weekend I am attending the funeral of a lovely family member. She was so beloved by those who knew her. My mom named me for her sister and this sweet cousin. Full of southern charm and sass! With a sweet hug your worries melted away and her kind words were a salve to a wounded heart.

She raised two amazing women whom I love and can call them both family and friends. Isn't that the best? When we were playmates as kids, once in a blue moon to meet with and bond with, and feel this amazing connection throughout the years. Family ties that bind. I get it. I am bound to these wonderful people. And I love it.

It is sad it takes a death to get us together to pay our respects. Lives on different coasts. But I love these people. With my core. When we are together there is this knowing, this understanding. Genetics at work people! Phrases, sayings, expressions, mannerisms, so many similarities. The threads of our ancestors ties us together.  

At the same time my immediate family is celebrating milestones at home. I am missing them, but they understand.  Graduations and promotions to the next grade. These kids, those of mine and my sisters have my heart. I am oozing with pride at their accomplishments. Great children of the King. Hearts of love. Heads of knowledge.  We have created families and cousins that love each other like siblings. Our cousins were not near is growing up so it was so important to have our kids know and be with each other.

So while we honor and celebrate the life of an amazing woman, my hope is to connect again with my kin, my clan, my family. Blessed. Truly blessed.

As my sweet Uncle says, "God is good. All the time. No matter what."

Squeeze the ones you love.
Be blessed today.

~Susan 💜💜

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