Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I have a boyfriend.

Today my guy and I celebrated being a couple for 29 years. Crazy, right?! Yes, were just kids when we started dating. My "freshman-on-the-varsity-swim-team" guy I was smitten with, I still am.

This guy has been with me through it all. High school, college, jobs, moves, babies, miscarriage, more college, raising kids, raising dogs, budgeting, buying, living life.

I found someone who was an answer to prayer. Kind, thoughtful, funny, emotionally strong, ethical, the hardest worker I know, Mr. Tetris-brain, my Mr. Fix-it, amazing father, my heart, my best friend.

When you find your other half, it just works. It is not always easy. In fact, it takes work and lots of it. Be honest and true. Be vulnerable and unselfish. Share. Grow. Love.

There is no secret to a life-long love relationship. Pray for wisdom and guidance. Pray for peace and a heart that is understanding. Pray to love them as they are, not who you want them to be. Pray.

My best advice is this. Continue to date your love. Make time together a priority. Put away distractions and focus on each other. Enjoy one another's company by constantly being a student of them. Ask questions. Listen to understand. Laugh together. Spend time doing activites together, and not just something they like. Together, do things you both enjoy. 

I have learned it is okay to let each person pursue their own interests, but not at the expense of the relationship. I love reading. My guy loves to tinker. Giving each other allowances of time helps us enjoy our quality time together. 

It has been years of figuring out the nuances that makes this work. A never-ending commitment to continue to grow, improve, and enjoy life together has kept our relationship strong. We don't always get it right. We argue. We disagree. We agree to disagree. We talk. Communicate. Compromise. Listen. The relationship is bigger than our egos and our selfish wants. It has to be. 

I want the next 29 years with my boyfriend to be even better than the last. I want my children to find their life-loves. I pray for their future spouses. I pray for mine. Daily. 

My boyfriend. Yea, he's a keeper. 😆❤

Be blessed,

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