Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cue Rockstar Admin 2017

If you have not been and you are a leader in education-you need to sign up!!

It has been an inspirational rush to learn new tips, tricks and ideas using technology in education and leadership. At this CUE Rockstar Admin camp, there are so many educators leading their students, schools, and districts into the future through critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creating.

There have been such a plethora of RESOURCES at this CUEROCKSTAR ADMIN conference that it will literally take me weeks to work through them all, but what exciting research! 

Leading learning should be our primary focus as site leaders in education. If I can learn and teach others, they can utilize those tools in their classrooms, engaging students in meaningful ways. My school district has 1:1 devices K-8 and Google Suite for staff and students. With these tools in place, our goal is learn how to capture student imagination and expand their thinking in more meaningful ways. Continuing to learn as educators keeps our skills sharp, opens our minds to new possibilities, and helps us connect to peers and colleagues worldwide. Such an exciting time to be in education!! 

I will have the opportunity to share more nuggets of new knowledge in the near future, but here is a brief summary of  My Hero's Journey and my big takeaways. 

Here are some of my new tools!!!

And still just scratching the surface...More to come!

Happy Tech-Learning in 2017! Go-Lead-Do!


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