Saturday, January 21, 2017

Do Anything

Have you ever just thought about what you would do if you could do anything? No restraints. If money is not an object. Where would you go in the world? What would you do with your time? Who would be with you?

Such a fun way to daydream!  Often, my family and I have discussed other places we might like to live than the central valley of California. We all love the mountains, with tall pine trees, windy roads and the pine-needle bedded trails. It is calm. Quiet. Not rushed. Peaceful. 

When we have time to travel, not for a family or work event, we usually choose a mountainous region. There is just something about being in a cabin with a roaring fire, board games, a good book and even better glass of wine, surrounded by your family, THAT makes my heart sing. 

A longtime favorite of ours has been Hume Lake Christian Camp. My husband and I began our life as a dating couple with youth group trips in high school. We continued after we were married with couples' retreats. I have attended with groups of friends and my sisters on womens' retreats.  My daughter and I now enjoy Mother-Daughter camp. My son attends camp now with his youth group. It is such a lovely place. Touched by God. Peaceful. Invigorating. Restorative. Blessed. We have such great memories there.

Image result for hume lake christian camp
Hume Lake, CA

One of our newly discovered favorites is Lake Tahoe. My husband and I had an anniversary trip there a few years ago and fell in love with the deep blue lake and beautiful terrain. We knew we had to bring the kids someday. Someday is quickly approaching. We have plans to go. To unwind. To relax. Hiking. Driving. Biking. Kayaking. Napping. Perhaps boating. To disconnect so we can reconnect. 

Image result for lake tahoe
Lake Tahoe, CA

I think that may be why we all enjoy those family times. To reconnect. Now this does not mean that we always love hanging out together and life is just "peaches and cream." We are a very normal family. Arguments, disagreements, pet peeves, annoyances. Especially having both a daughter and son. Very different but very similar. Typical sibling rivalry. Joyously bonded and very protective of each other. One of the best things we like to say is that we have raised children who are also friends. Who both love the mountains. And the quiet. "do anything" list I guess is this: 

  • To always travel with those I love
  • Making the most of the time I have with them
  • Enjoying nature with them 
  • Enjoying the beautiful Earth God gave us
  • Loving every minute of it!


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