Friday, January 6, 2017

The Learning Leader - One Word 2017

Enjoying some time to work on my blog at the CUE Rockstar Admin camp in Del Mar, CA! 

One Word Challenge ~2017~


Too many times people notice what is wrong, why isn't this the way it should be. It is my goal this year to make sure that I will see the positive. Sure, the negative will be there. Problems happen. A parent at school may get upset. A teacher may have a difficult situation or a frustration that to them is paramount at that moment.

I want to remember to respond positively. With optimism. With grace. With kindness. Use a negative or difficult situation to learn from. Reflect upon. What else should we be doing about this? How can we correct this now? What do we need to be aware of or change in the future? What reparations are needed now? Who has been offended? How can we restore that relationship? 

Perseverating on the negative breeds more negativity, discontentment, anger, frustration. Our days should be filled with positives. Many will say that it takes 4 positives to counteract a negative, others say it takes 10. Like toothpaste out of a tube, once a negative thought is shared out, it cannot be taken back, only cleaned up.

Speak positively. Share positive thoughts. Praise positivity.

So can what we say and think and do be POSITIVE?? Yes!

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