Thursday, March 21, 2019

Principal March Madness

I just returned from a fantastic conference! Spring CUE19 in Palm Springs! What a great time connecting with my KernCUE board members and other dynamic educators from all over. There are so many creative and persistent people working to make learning engaging and meaningful for our students. I was inspired, but also a bit overwhelmed. So. Much. Information. 

Susan Denton @positiveprincipal
22 year educator, 12 year admin

In my 12th year of administration, and 1st year at a new site in a new grade level span, there's still so much I am learning everyday! I had elementary education down. The hum and hub-bub of the day, the rhythm, the annual pattern. Middle school is big business. Tough, busy, frustrating, exciting, energizing, exhausting.

I can't be the only one feeling this way as a school site administrator. I see the Twitter and Facebook posts. My peeps are out there...I see you.

Are your thoughts as rampant as mine? Full of March Madness!?!

Here's just smidgen the mantra that keeps repeating in my head. Can't forget anything. Need to fit it in. Did I eat lunch today??

  • Finishing staff evaluations
  • Working on next year's master schedule
  • Creating a do-able state testing schedule
  • Creating and learning from the Spring CUE19 conference in Palm Springs last week
  • Cleaning up my to-do's for getting to graduation and all of the end of the year activities
  • Making sure I have "me time" to renew and refresh daily
  • Read the awesome books I picked up from Dave Burgess Consulting "Ditch that Homework" by Matt Miller, and "Be REAL-Educate from the Heart" by Tara Martin
  • Place all upcoming orders for books, supplies, and technology for next year
  • Oh it's raining outside, better grab my umbrella before duty
  • Prepping for next week's staff meeting
  • Work on my presentation for California League of Schools conference in April
  • Organizing the desk, papers, books, calendar...
And so it goes! But don't you love it? It's exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. I LOVE what I do everyday. Connecting with students, problem-solving and coaching with staff, meeting families, continuing to model being a lead-learner. Love, love, love it! 

We do this for the love of it. Days come and go and we press on. Let's stay encouraged! It's March Madness and we got this!


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