Sunday, March 8, 2020

Keeping a Positive State of Mind

While it is my favorite hashtag and daily goal, being a #positiveprincipal is not a natural state of mind for me.  It takes work! Keeping positive thoughts in your mind as you tackle the barrage of responsibilities every day can be an exhausting task.  How do you give of yourself to promote the positive when you aren’t feeling it? It is important to remember that the sphere of influence you have, your staff, your site, your district, needs the positive influence, needs the encouragement, needs the boost. It can be a simple start. A smile, a good morning hello, a wave.  It can help lift others.  But don’t forget-You need it as a leader too!
What is it that brings YOU joy at work? How do you stay in a positive mindset?  What have you set up to help you?
As a leader, and serving in leadership roles, one of my biggest pieces of advice is to find that circle of trusted friends and colleagues who can help speak truth to you.  Be okay to admit you don’t have all of the answers! If you can shift and believe that your wisdom is not your own, you can find that it develops over time with good counsel and experience. 
Set around you in an accountability circle those who will be honest with you. Who can you trust to be real with you? To be honest in a way that is meant to improve. Not those who want to be “honest” with you with the intent to stop, impede or road-block a decision or process, or quite frankly, just to be mean. 
Likewise, avoid creating a group that tells you what you only want to hear.  Find those who listen and reflect accurately with you in times when you need a positivity boost. Those real-talk conversations help to solidify in your thinking best courses of action and in decisions. Having some yes-people agree with you all the time does not help you stay in a positive state of of mind. It can begin to feel lonely and superficial. 
Create your daily positivity by being authentic.  Be real and realistic with others. You will begin to find that your positivity comes from being confident where you are and the decisions you make. Know that you also have a system of reflection that you build into your routines. “Was the outcome what I had intended? Did I lead with grace, wisdom and intention? How can I do it better next time?” It’s okay and encouraged to have these reflection conversations with your group. 
In my years of school leadership, I have found that by employing this state of mind, I have the outlook and confidence to know that my accountability circle and decision-making process help to lead with wisdom. With grace. With intention. It takes time and processes to build and remain in a positive mindset. It takes work. 
Be intentional. Build your group. Set your process. Stay positive. 

Be amazing today!

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